He held me by my pussy and said he wouldn’t fuck me unless I got wet

A Submissive East Asian Woman's Dreams and Fantasies

I was a 19 year old 5’1 Asian girl and was at a college party with my bf at the time (also small and Asian). I entertained myself at the start of the party by losing my bf and coyishly flirting with a white frat guy. We were alone in a random bedroom and I got to play dumb when he made a move on me. This was the type of thing I loved doing at parties. I’d get drunk, start to get horny, and grab the muscular arms of taller guys while giggling at their dumb jokes. Then, when they’d make a move, I’d act offended and tell them “I have a bf” etc.

Well… this guy didn’t respond like the others. Instead of walking away dejected like most guys, he cupped me by my pussy underneath my dress and with one arm lifted me up against the wall…

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More Asian women are having sex with white men than with Asian men, study concludes.

In a study on interracial relationships, researchers David R. Harris and Hiromi Ono found statistical evidence for what most already know intuitively, that Asian women (primarily of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean descent) are having sex with white men more than with Asian men. According to the study, at least 45% of sexually active Asian women […]

More Asian women are having sex with white men than with Asian men, study concludes.